Teen Ticker Trouble: 10 Surprises About Young Heart

Pulse racing? Not always romance: High stress, drugs, or even intense gaming can mimic heart attack symptoms for teens.

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 Family history whispers, doesn't scream: Inherited heart risks are real, but healthy habits can rewrite the script.

 Broken heart? Mostly drama: Emotional stress rarely triggers true heart attacks, though it can feel awful.

Pizza party blues: Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise pack a one-two punch for future heart health.

 Listen to your body's beat: Chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath? Don't ignore the rhythm, seek help.

Sleep like a king (or queen): Rest is vital for heart health, ditch the late-night scrolls for snooze time.

Smoke signals danger: Tobacco is a heart health villain, avoid it like a dodgeball to the face.

 Hydration hero: Water keeps your engine running smoothly, ditch the sugary drinks for H2-Oh yeah!

 Move it or lose it: Exercise isn't just for gym rats, find activities you love to keep your heart happy.

 Docs are your heart-health allies: Regular checkups are key to catching issues early, be proactive, not reactive.